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The SEGA GENESIS was known to be having each and every classics and achievement in the genre with the great support from the ELECTRONIC ARTS providing the SEGA with apex and the edge in the fields of the sports part, the known bloodier game Mortal Kombat, and etc… The SEGA GENESIS was considered to be the greatest controller of the gaming zone which was of the six buttons, that was ever been discovered by the Companies at that time, the past years. It was not impossible to describe that why the SEGA GENESIS rose to the high point of success and achievement in the field of the software lineup, it was only because of the recent release of the Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection at the time when the technology was not as great as it is today but SEGA GENESIS did this and reached the top of the lists among all others. So many games were there, that one can tick down the list containing games and he/she will find so many related games that were too filled with brilliance.

GameGear and Dreamcast

  • »At the time when this SEGA GENESIS was the powerful aspect of the video gaming zone then the youngsters and the youth players bought the SEGA GENESIS and played its games at a great quantity. The rising demand of the games of the SEGA GENESIS made the Company produce many new games with the special effects different from the others. As NHL which was one of the mostly played games among the all became favorite of the players and ’96 was the greatly played and became the demand of all the users in which the main aim of the players used to be the achievement of the Stanley Cup. Children kept on playing the games on the SEGA GENESIS all the day which made them interested and the main game which the players liked very much that was Super Mario World and each and every person regarded the SEGA GENESIS to be the topmost video game console.  

Genesis Mega Drive, Saturn

  • The regions of the games that were present were the Phantasy Star and the Shining Forces series which had the combinations of the options regarding the playing of the particular games.
    The games designed by the SEGA were different from any other tiles and Companies that too were in the business to make and introduce different types of games in the market. This SEGA GENESIS Company was different from the others and was considered to be the highest gaming zone of the time and years. There were very less occasions when the Company of SEGA GENESIS took over to the Nintendo’s Company in the terms of the market value and at the time when there were only two players in the market over all in the fields of the video game consoles. This was the time when the SEGA GENESIS Company was considered to be the most popular and widely used in the world and this described the good reason for the SEGA GENESIS.